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Fellowships, Awards, and Assistantships

Fellowships, Awards, and Assistantships

  • Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
  • Graduate Funding
  • James Administration Building, Room 400
  • 845 Sherbrooke Street West
  • Montreal QC H3A 0G4
  • Email: graduatefunding.gps [at]
  • Website:

The Graduate Funding Unit of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides processing services for many sources of support for Canadian and non-Canadian students, both new to McGill and continuing. Further information on these and other sources of funding can be found on the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.

Entrance Fellowships are awarded on the basis of the application for admission, upon nomination by academic units. Most internal fellowships are awarded in this manner—please contact the proposed academic units directly for further information.

Research assistantships, teaching assistantships, and stipends from professors' research grants are handled by individual academic units at McGill. Fellowships, assistantships, and stipends are used to make funding packages for graduate students. All assistantship and stipend inquiries should be directed to units.

A small number of citizens from countries whose governments have entered into agreements on tuition fees with Quebec may be exempted from the supplemental tuition fees normally required of international students. Availability varies for such exemptions from year to year; refer to, and contact your local government to find out if an agreement with Quebec is in effect. For further information and the necessary application materials, see The list of organizations where students should apply can be accessed from this website.

For detailed information regarding the rules and regulations of graduate awards and fellowships administered by Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (e.g., Tomlinson Doctoral Fellowships and Graduate Excellence Fellowships), please refer to the General Award Holder's Guide.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2020-2021 (last updated Feb. 18, 2020) (disclaimer)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2020-2021 (last updated Feb. 18, 2020) (disclaimer)
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