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FMTP 097 Landscape Design (504-VSG-MC) (2 unités)

Offered by: Progr. gestion et tech. agr. (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)

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Technologie de gestion des fermes : Landscape Design is a complementary course intended to broaden your education. The students will learn how to produce an artistic creation, in this case a landscape design, using the basic elements (lines, forms, colours and textures), symbols and techniques of landscape design; you will take into consideration both the aesthetics and the functions of landscapes as well as landscape styles (rural vs. urban, formal vs. informal, etc.). The students will learn to analyze an existing landscape as well as incorporate new design elements including plants (trees, shrubs, lawns, flowers) and inert materials (walls, fences, paths, buildings, etc.).

Terms: Automne 2020

Instructors: Wees, David (Fall)

  • (504-VSG-MC)

  • (3-0-3)

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