EXMD 633 Clinical Aspects of Research in Respiratory Diseases (3 unités)

Offered by: Médecine (Médecine)

Administered by: Études supérieures et recherch

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Médecine expérimentale : Clinical aspects, epidemiology and burden of major respiratory conditions; key concepts of clinical and epidemiologic research in respiratory diseases. Specific conditions addressed include asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, adult respiratory distress syndrome, interstitial and pulmonary vascular diseases.

Terms: Hiver 2019

Instructors: Kevin Schwartzman (Winter)

  • Restriction: Must be registered for graduate or postdoctoral studies in the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Science.

  • The course uses primarily a Web-based learning format. There are eight two-week modules, each devoted to a specific respiratory topic or condition, with slides, readings, and a brief written assignment. Each module is taught by a faculty member with specific expertise in that topic, with one face-to-face meeting per module (~2 hours) to review key concepts, answer questions, and foster critical discussion around the topic of interest. There is a final essay, requiring a more in-depth approach to one of the major subjects covered during the course. Clinical background is not required.