CFRN 423 Intensive French - Advanced (20 unités d'EP)

Offered by: Langues et communication interculturelle (École d'éducation permanente)

Vue d'ensemble

Français (CCE) : Designed for students wishing to achieve proficiency in speaking, writing, listening, and reading in French at an advanced level. Course content provides students with the linguistic, communicative, and socio-cultural skills required to interact successfully in most personal, social and professional situations. Self-directed learning and cultural exploration are fostered.

Terms: Automne 2018, Hiver 2019, Été 2019

Instructors: Marguerite Kumor-Wysocka, Stephanie Berard (Fall) Stephanie Berard, Marguerite Kumor-Wysocka (Winter) Stephanie Berard, Marguerite Kumor-Wysocka (Summer)

  • This course is subject to limited enrolment.

  • Prerequisite(s): CFRN 343 or CFRN 355 or Entrance Placement Test or Permission of the Director