MUIN 634 Graduate Diploma Tutorial 1 (8 credits)

Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Practical Instrument : Practical Instruction; Individual artists: specific performance projects detailed at audition. Jazz Musicians: includes arranging and composition. Chamber ensembles: individual artistry, development of group identity with respect to sound, communication skills, performance practice, and artistic/interpretative vision.

Terms: Fall 2018, Winter 2019

Instructors: Beaudry, Pierre; Roy, Andre J; Strauss, Axel; Poletaev, Ilya; Lemelin, Stéphane; Hashimoto, Kyoko; Box, James; Devuyst, Russell; Swartz, Jennifer; Kolomyjec, Joanne; Normand, Jean-Francois; Bluteau, Denis; Labelle, Dominique; Johnston, Jeffrey E H; Kutan, Aline; Desgagne, Alain; Richer, Patrice; Basque, Alexis; Cote, Nadia; Knox, Hank; Bergeron, Sylvain; Eriksson, Erik; Marandola, Fabrice; Yazdanfar, Ali; Hollenbeck, John; Dean, Kevin; Robinson, Brian; Manker, Brian; Popescu, Maria; Roy, Jocelyne; Hutchins, Timothy; Cope, Todd; Mdivani, Marina; Mac Master, John; Stoelzel, Richard; Napper, Susan; Maute, Matthias; Melancon, Violaine; Dyachkov, Yegor; Dolin, Elizabeth; Algie, Stephen; Levesque, Stephane; Bolduc, Remi; Cho, Jinjoo; Lane, Christian; Lambert, Frédéric (Fall) Roy, Andre J (Winter)

  • Restriction(s): Open to students in the Graduate Diploma in Performance.

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