MIMM 466 Viral Pathogenesis (3 credits)

Offered by: Microbiology & Immunology (Faculty of Science)


Microbiology and Immun (Sci) : A study of the biological and molecular aspects of viral pathogenesis with emphasis on the human pathogenic viruses including the retroviruses HIV and HTLV-1; herpes viruses; papilloma viruses; hepatitis viruses; and new emerging human viral diseases. These viruses will be discussed in terms of virus multiplication, gene expression virus-induced cytopathic effects and host immune response to infection.

Terms: Winter 2019

Instructors: Chen Liang, Anne Gatignol, Dalius J Briedis, Andrew J Mouland, Brian Ward, Jean-Pierre Routy, Jacques Archambault, Thibault Mesplede (Winter)