ISLA 522 Lower Intermediate Arabic (6 credits)

Offered by: Islamic Studies (Faculty of Arts)


Islamic Studies : The course brings students to the intermediate level, using authentic materials and emphasizing reading and grammar analysis more than the introductory level. It uses the communicative approach, stressing active participation in class discussions. It focuses on writing skills and developing vocabulary. Students should speak Arabic at all times.

Terms: Summer 2019, Fall 2018, Winter 2019

Instructors: Gohar, Shokry; Jawlakh, Hala; Nancekivell, David (Summer) Nancekivell, David; Gohar, Shokry; Jawlakh, Hala (Fall) Gohar, Shokry; Jawlakh, Hala; Nancekivell, David (Winter)

  • Summer

  • 3 hours and laboratory

  • Prerequisite: ISLA 521D1/D2 or equivalent, Placement Test, or permission of instructor.