FRSL 208 Intensive Elementary French (6 credits)

Offered by: French Language Centre (Faculty of Arts)


French as a Second Language : This one-term intensive course uses a task-based approach to provide students with authentic materials related to Canadian culture and prepares them for real life communication. Therefore, class time will be mostly dedicated to the completion of communicative tasks which often rely on the use of technology (mobile apps, blogs and other online tools). This course tackles different topics that students can relate to in their personal, social and academic life, and provides a review and further training in elementary language structures to develop their communication skills and digital literacy in French.

Terms: Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Summer 2019

Instructors: Marie-Josee Fortin, Kevin Papin (Fall) Kevin Papin, Jean-Francois Groulx (Winter) Guillaume Gachet, Alida Soucé, Kevin Papin, Marie-Josee Fortin, Caroline Jobin (Summer)