EPSC 460 Independent Reading Project (3 credits)

Offered by: Earth & Planetary Sciences (Faculty of Science)


Earth & Planetary Sciences : Independent reading project with a final written report.

Terms: Fall 2018, Winter 2019

Instructors: There are no professors associated with this course for the 2018-2019 academic year.

  • EPSC 460D1 and EPSC 460D2 together are equivalent to EPSC 460.

  • Prerequisite(s): Any three courses among EPSC 203, EPSC210, EPSC 212, EPSC 220 or higher-level EPSC course(s); or permission of instructor

  • Fall, Winter or Summer

  • Before registration, projects must be arranged individually with a faculty member in the Earth and Planetary Science Department, and a written proposal signed by the supervisor and student must be approved by the departmental director of undergraduate studies.