CHEE 494D1 Research Project and Seminar 1 (1.5 credits)

Offered by: Chemical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)


Chemical Engineering : Independent study and experimental work on topic(s) chosen by consultation between the student and professor. Students must find a supervisor amongst the department faculty before registering for this course.

Terms: Fall 2018

Instructors: Dorval Courchesne, Noémie-Manuelle (Fall)

  • Students are required to complete a written report and a presentation before the end of the semester.

  • Students must register for both CHEE 494D1 and CHEE 494D2.

  • No credit will be given for this course unless both CHEE 494D1 and CHEE 494D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms

  • CHEE 494D1 and CHEE 494D2 together are equivalent to CHEE 494

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