CFRN 333 Intensive French - Intermediate 1 (20 CE units)

Offered by: Language & Intercultural Comm. (School of Continuing Studies)


French (CCE) : Designed for students wishing to acquire a mid-intermediate level in speaking, writing, listening and reading in French. Course content provides students with the essential linguistic, communicative, and socio-cultural skills required to function in real-life, personal, and work-related situations.

Terms: Fall 2018, Winter 2019, Summer 2019

Instructors: Tomasz Kiczka, Dana Gavrila-Alexandrescu (Fall) Dana Gavrila-Alexandrescu, Tomasz Kiczka (Winter) Dana Gavrila-Alexandrescu, Tomasz Kiczka (Summer)

  • This course is subject to limited enrolment

  • Prerequisite: CFRN 323, or Entrance Placement Test or Permission of the Director