HGEN 676 Lab Course in Genomics (3 credits)

Offered by: Human Genetics (Faculty of Medicine)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Human Genetics : Introduction to Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) Based Genomics in the form of seminars and laboratory work. Lectures in state of the art sequencing technologies and their applications. Laboratory work in the preparation of high quality libraries for analyzing DNA and large/small RNAs. Hands on experience in setting up next Generation Sequencing using specialized equipment. Tutorials in use of Bio-informatics Analysis tools in experimental design, quality control, and in depth analysis of data. Practicum in using computational tools for personalized data analyses. Technology paper presentation, as well as production of a report on course data generation and analysis.

Terms: Winter 2018

Instructors: Ioannis Ragoussis, Alexandre Montpetit, Guillaume Bourque, Yasser Riaz Alhosseini, Dunarel Badescu, Mathieu Bourgey, Francois Lefebvre, Eloi Mercier (Winter)

  • Prerequisite(s): HGEN 692 or equivalent.