FMT4 032 Independent Study in Animal Production(152-VTJ-MC) (2.67 credits)

Offered by: Farm Mgmt & Technology Program (Agricultural & Environmental Sciences)


FMT4 : 1 hour meetings & 7 hours independent work per week. Pre-requisites: FMT4-004 and FMT4-008 as well as at least one livestock management course (FMT4-028, FMT4-029, FMT4-030 or FMT4-031); students must also have a minimum cumulative weighted average of 80%. This course covers livestock production sectors not covered in Year 2 livestock management courses and requires independent study; the actual study plan will be determined case-by-case. Topics include industry benchmarks, nutrition, genetics, reproduction, economics of production and diseases. May also include farm visits, marketing strategies and developing a potential business plan, etc. Registration in the course is subject to approval by the Academic Advisor.

Terms: Winter 2018

Instructors: Christian Molgat (Winter)