PHTH 201 Sports Medicine Practicum 1 (1 unité)

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Offered by: Thérapie physique et du métier (School of Physical & Occupational Therapy)

Vue d'ensemble

Thérapie physique : This course is the first in a series of three courses intended to provide students with a directed, practical experience in pre-event, on-field and post-event sports therapy interventions. Students will be introduced to current concepts in sports medicine. Students will work closely with one of the McGill varsity teams, as well as intra- and interprofessionally with the staff of the McGill Sport Medicine Clinic (including physiotherapists, athletic therapists, physicians, and other allied health-care professionals).

Terms: Automne 2016

Instructors: Pearson, Isabelle; Abbatiello, Laura (Fall)

  • Prerequisite(s): PHTH 245; ANAT 315; PHGY 209; ANAT 316; PHGY 210; POTH 225; POTH 250. Valid CPR-AED level HCP certificate (before the practical work starts) Interviews and selection from the McGill Sport Medicine Clinic staff is required for this course (team allocation will be determined after the interview according to interview performance, availability and student interests)

  • Restriction(s): This course is only open to second year students in the B.Sc.(Rehabilitation Science); Major in Physical Therapy.

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