FSCI 200 Industrial Practicum 1

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Offered by: Sciences (Sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Sciences : Paid, fulltime work-term intended to complement the student's undergraduate studies.

Terms: Automne 2016, Hiver 2017, Été 2017

Instructors: There are no professors associated with this course for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Restrictions: Must have completed at least 27 credits and have at least 12 credits remaining. Must be registered as a full-time student prior to work term. CGPA 2.7 or permission of internship officer.

  • Open to B.Sc., B.A. & Sc. and B.Sc./B.Ed. students, as well as qualified students in other undergraduate programs including majors in Environment, Computer Science, Geography, Mathematics and Psychology.

  • Students will be graded using the Pass/Fail system. Students must be registered as a full-time student prior to and after enrollment in this course. A mandatory report must be submitted at the end of the Practicum to the Faculty of Science Internship Officer--Martine Dolmière martine.dolmiere [at] mcgill.ca. Completion of both the FSCI 200 and FSCI 300 courses will allow B.Sc. students to add the Internship Option to their transcript.

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