RUSS 620 High Stalinist Culture 2 (3 credits)

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Offered by: Languages,Literatures,Cultures (Faculty of Arts)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Russian (Arts) : The novels, films, art and architecture, pageantry and rhetoric of Stalinist Russia. Socialist realism as an aesthetic doctrine, utopian blueprint, target of parody, amalgam of a submerged avantgarde and state-controlled pop culture, precursor of the postmodernist simulacrum. Total(itarian) art both accommodates and erodes its underlying ideology.

Terms: This course is not scheduled for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Instructors: There are no professors associated with this course for the 2016-2017 academic year.

  • Winter

  • Given in English

  • Prerequisite: Permission of instructor

  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken RUSS 430 or RUSS 510

  • There will be 2 lectures per week (taken with undergraduates enrolled in RUSS 430) and one graduate-student-only tutorial per week.

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