MATH 141 Calculus 2 (4 unités)

Offert par : Mathematics and Statistics (Faculty of Science)

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Mathématiques et Statistiques (Sci) : The definite integral. Techniques of integration. Applications. Introduction to sequences and series.

Trimestres : Automne 2015, Hiver 2016, Été 2016

Chargés de cours : Pang, Chung Yin Amy (Fall) Shokoohi, Farhad; Hundemer, Axel W; Barsheshat, Yariv (Winter) Al Balushi, Ibrahim; McGillivray, Annaliza (Summer)

  • Prerequisites: MATH 139 or MATH 140 or MATH 150.

  • Restriction: Not open to students who have taken MATH 121 or CEGEP objective 00UP or equivalent

  • Restriction Note B: Not open to students who have taken or are taking MATH 122 or MATH 130 or MATH 131, except by permission of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics.

  • Each Tutorial section is enrolment limited