ISLA 515 The Medieval School in Islam (3 unités)

Offert par : Islamic Studies (Faculty of Arts)

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Islamic Studies : Schooling in medieval Islamic society particularly in Iraq, Greater Syria, Persia, and Egypt. Sheds light on the structure of learning, aims of education, the life of students including women, and their relationship to their teachers. Illuminates forms of academic evaluation, and looks closely at the "scholarly license" as an accrediting tool delineating its function and scope. Through a set of representative studies on the medieval school, it brings attention to the heated debates surrounding the academic rigor of this form of learning, and the place of scientific learning in it, as well as the historical connection between it and the early European college.

Trimestres : Ce cours n’est pas au programme de l’année universitaire 2015-2016.

Chargés de cours : Aucun professeur n’est associé à ce cours pour l’année universitaire 2015-2016.

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