FMED 600 Mixed Studies Reviews (1 unité)

Offert par : Family Medicine (Faculty of Medicine)

Administré par Graduate Studies

Vue d'ensemble

Family Medicine : Literature reviews of qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods studies (epistemological issues, evaluation/research questions, identification of publications, selection of relevant studies, appraisal of methodological quality and synthesis of results).

Trimestres : Été 2016

Chargés de cours : Pluye, Pierre; Vedel, Isabelle (Summer)

  • Prerequisite: 1 course in mixed methods (e.g., DENT 672); OR 1 course in qualitative methods (e.g., PSYT 625) and 1 course in quantitative methods (any introductory course in epidemiology); OR permission of the instructor

  • Intensive summer course; open to graduate and post-graduate students; contact hours: Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm (Department of Family Medicine, 5858 Cote des Neiges Road, Suite 300, Montreal, QC H3S1Z1); enrolment limitations: health-related review (all disciplines) and research background (at least 1 course in mixed methods OR 1 course in qualitative and 1 course in quantitative methods); language of instruction: English.