EPSC 221 General Geology (3 unités)

Offert par : Sciences de la Terre et des planètes (Faculty of Engineering)

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Sciences de la Terre et des planètes : An introductory course in physical geology designed for majors in civil and mining engineering. Properties of rocks and minerals, major geological processes, together with natural hazards and their effects on engineered structures are emphasized. The laboratory is an integral part of the course which includes rock and mineral identification, basic techniques of airphoto and geological map interpretation, and structural geology.

Trimestres : Automne 2015

Chargés de cours : Barshi, Naomi (Fall)

  • Fall

  • 2 hours lectures, 3 hours laboratory

  • Restriction: Open to Engineering students only.

  • A nominal fee is charged to cover expenses of materials and supplies for identification kits (pen magnet, streak plate, hand lens and acid bottle) used to identify minerals during laboratory exercises.

  • Des frais seront prelevés pour couvrir l'usage des collections d'enseignement et les accessoires (loupe, aimant, bouteille d'acide chlorhydrique dilué, plaque de porcelaine) essentiels à l'identification des minéraux pendant les travaux pratiques.

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