CEGL 390 Adv. 1-Essential English - Frontline Healthcare Admin (6 unités d'EP)

Offert par : Langues et communication interculturelle (School of Continuing Studies)

Vue d'ensemble

Anglais (CCE) : Intended for frontline administrative staff in the healthcare and social services sectors who have a high-intermediate knowledge of English. Focuses on linguistic and communicative skills in selected work-related contexts.

Trimestres : Automne 2015, Hiver 2016

Chargés de cours : Chamberlain, Michael David; Mercuri-Albisi, Giovanna Julia (Fall) Maclean, Michele (Winter)

  • Prerequisite(s): Entrance Placement Test, or Permission of the Director

  • Corequisite(s): CEGL 391

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