CEGL 215 English Grammar at Work (8 unités d'EP)

Offert par : Langues et communication interculturelle (School of Continuing Studies)

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Anglais (CCE) : Designed for students at a mid-intermediate level wishing to improve their grammatical accuracy in written communication for the workplace at that level. Explores English grammatical rules, thematic vocabulary, and self-correction strategies through a variety of exercises and writing tasks embedded in common work-related situations

Trimestres : Automne 2015, Hiver 2016, Été 2016

Chargés de cours : Shamji, Ashifa; Wielgopolski, Nadine (Fall) Shamji, Ashifa (Winter) Shamji, Ashifa; Wielgopolski, Nadine (Summer)

  • Prerequisite: Placement Test of Written English (PTWE) or Permission of the Director

  • Corequisite: CEGL 216