Africa Field Study Semester

Africa Field Study Semester


Students from other universities are eligible to apply to the McGill CFSIA and must also meet the criteria for admission to McGill as a Visiting Student. Please see the Canadian Field Studies in Africa (CFSIA) website for details.

The CFSIA comprises 15 credits of field study courses. Two courses (6 credits) in the natural and social sciences provide interdisciplinary academic context for field study. The other 9 credits are taken from the complementary courses list.

Visit the CFSIA website or refer to this publication for the latest program updates.

Offered: Winter term

Location: East Africa

Enrolment Limit: 38 students

Fees: In addition to the regular McGill fees, students will be required to pay the additional costs associated with delivering the courses in the field. These costs include airfare, local travel, all food and accommodation, special admission fees for parks and museums, as well as other field costs. Airfares and currency fluctuation will determine the amount of this charge. The 2015 trip cost is CAD$12,315.10 The actual cost for 2016 will be determined by September 2015.

Students can apply for a Mobility Award. See the website for details:

Application Deadline: April 30, 2015 for January 2016 (Winter term of the academic year 2015–2016). Depending on space, there will be a second intake with a deadline date of November 1, 2015.

Application Details: Students must submit:

  • the CFSIA application (available on the website);
  • a copy of their transcript;
  • a letter of intent; and
  • one reference letter

to Martine Dolmière (martine.dolmiere [at] or Lisa Stanischewski (lisa.stanischewski [at] in the Faculty of Science, Dawson Hall, Room 408.

See the website for details:

Prerequisites: The CFSIA program is intended for students in their final two years. A CGPA of 3.00 and higher is recommended.

For more information and course lists, see Faculty of Science > Undergraduate > Academic Programs > Field Study > Field Studies - Minor Field Studies (18 credits).

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