Minor Concentration Linguistics (18 credits)

Offered by: Linguistics     Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Program Requirements

This program may be expanded to the Major Concentration Linguistics.

Required Courses (9 credits)

  • LING 201 Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits)

    Offered by: Linguistics (Faculty of Arts)


    Linguistics : Primarily for students intending to take further courses in linguistics. Topics include: phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, and semantics. Students will be introduced to techniques of linguistic analysis.

    Terms: Fall 2015, Winter 2016, Summer 2016

    Instructors: Milne, Peter; Shimoyama, Junko (Fall) Clayards, Meghan; Kotek, Hadas (Winter) Kilbourn-Ceron, Oriana (Summer)

    • Fall and Winter

    • No prerequisite.

  • LING 330 Phonetics (3 credits)

    Offered by: Linguistics (Faculty of Arts)


    Linguistics : Transcription, identification, and production of speech sounds. Introduction to the acoustic properties of speech sounds, acoustic analysis of speech, and auditory phonetics.

    Terms: Winter 2016

    Instructors: Milne, Peter (Winter)

    • Winter

    • Prerequisite: LlNG 201

  • LING 371 Syntax 1 (3 credits)

    Offered by: Linguistics (Faculty of Arts)


    Linguistics : Introduction to the study of generative syntax of natural languages, emphasizing basic concepts and formalism: phrase structure rules, transformations, and conditions on rules.

    Terms: Winter 2016

    Instructors: Travis, Lisa De Mena (Winter)

Complementary Courses (9 credits)

9 credits in Linguistics chosen according to the student's interests. At least 3 of these credits must be at the 400/500 level.

Students who take LING 360 as one of their complementary courses may also count PHIL 210 (Intro to Deductive Logic 1) as a complementary course, but must still have 3 credits at the 400/500 level.

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