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To return to McGill after an absence from a Fall and/or Winter term of an academic year, you must submit an application for readmission using Minerva's Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu ( In your application, state the reasons for your absence from the University and give a summary of your activities during that period.

If you withdrew because of illness, you must provide your Faculty Student Affairs Office with a medical note to support your application for readmission, stating that you are ready to resume studies.

You must be aware of McGill's time limits for the completion of degrees.

To return to a different faculty after an absence, apply for a faculty transfer using Minerva's Faculty Transfer/Readmission Menu. For more details on the faculty transfer or readmission process, see

Note for International students: International students in Computer Science, Engineering, Law, Management, or Science who apply for readmission after an absence of four consecutive terms or more will be charged the tuition rate in effect for newly admitted students in their term of readmission.
Faculty/School Fall Term Application Deadline Winter Term Application Deadline Summer Term Application Deadline
Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dietetics and Human Nutrition August 15 November 15  
Architecture May 1 November 1  
Arts July 15 November 15 June 10
Education July 1 Not open for Winter term  
Engineering May 1 November 1  
Management August 15 November 15  
Music (re-audition required) March 1 November 15  
Music (no audition required) June 1 November 15  
Nursing June 15 December 1  
Religious Studies June 1 November 1  
Science, B.A. & Sc. July 1 November 15 June 10
Note for Music students: If you need more information about the re-audition regulations, contact the Music Student Affairs Office at [at]
Note for Law students: Candidates who were required to withdraw from the Faculty of Law may be authorized by the Faculty Admissions Committee to continue their studies if exceptional reasons for the withdrawal exist.
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2014-2015 (last updated Aug. 13, 2014) (disclaimer)
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2014-2015 (last updated Aug. 13, 2014) (disclaimer)