Certificate in Condominium Management (Non-Credit)

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Certificate in Condominium Management (Non-Credit)

This program provides new and experienced residential and commercial condominium managers with the information, knowledge, and skills required for successful condominium management. Participants have the flexibility of registering for just one course or for the complete program.

Please visit our website at www.mcgill.ca/continuingstudies/programs-and-courses/property-management/certificate-condominium-management for more information and to register. You can find out more about l'Ordre des administrateurs agréés du Québec (OAAQ) online at www.adma.qc.ca.

Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2014-2015 (last updated Jun. 10, 2014) (disclaimer)

Certificate in Condominium Management (16 CEUs)

Condominium development has enjoyed remarkable growth in Quebec over the last decade: the number of Quebec households living in condos is expected to increase to 266,000 by 2016 (in comparison with 155,000 in 2006). This growth requires qualified professionals who can deal effectively with various aspects of managing a condominium. To address this growing demand, McGill School of Continuing Studies is introducing a new non-credit program, which explores the complex challenges of condominium management and provides participants with information, knowledge, and practical skills.

Required Courses

Note: Students taking this Certificate in English normally take English courses while those taking this Certificate in French normally take French courses.

CBUS 100 (4) Condominium Financial Management in Quebec
CBUS 101 (4) Gestion financière de la copropriété au Québec
CBUS 102 (4) Condominium Law in Quebec
CBUS 103 (4) Gestion juridique de la copropriété au Québec
CBUS 104 (4) Condominium Building and Maintenance Management
CBUS 105 (4) Gestion technique du bâtiment de la copropriété
CBUS 106 (4) Managing Day-to-Day Condominium Operations
CBUS 107 (4) Gestion de la vie quotidienne d’une copropriété
Programs, Courses and University Regulations—2014-2015 (last updated Jun. 10, 2014) (disclaimer)
School of Continuing Studies—2014-2015 (last updated Jun. 10, 2014) (disclaimer)