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Admission Requirements to the Joint Honours Program – English Component

Applications will be considered by the Department’s Honours Committee on the basis of the student’s program GPA, at a minimum of 3.50. The application form is available in the Department’s General Office (Arts 155), and the specific submission requirements are described by that form. The application will take some time to prepare, and allowance for such preparation (at least several weeks) must be made in order to meet the application deadline. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Acceptance into Joint Honours English may be conditional on particular revisions to the Program Course Proposal to be submitted with the application form. This proposal goes on file in the General Office with the other submissions. Only course choices that are appropriate, given the nature of the Joint Honours program proposed, including the Honours Essay if applicable, will be approved. In order to graduate with Joint Honours, all subsequent course substitutions in the initially approved Joint Honours English program must be endorsed by the Joint Honours Adviser when they are made (i.e., at the start of each term) and entered on the Program Course Proposal with the Adviser’s initialled approval.

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