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The Honours Economics program (B.A. and B.Com.) consists of 30 specified credits of Honours courses and a further 12 credits of approved Economics courses. Honours students are also required to complete prerequisite Math courses in basic Calculus and linear algebra.

All Honours students should consult the handout describing the Honours and Joint Honours programs available in the Economics Department Office, Leacock Building Rm. 443, and at: /economics/undergraduates/honours.

Normally, to be awarded an Honours degree, a student must obtain a 3.00 program GPA in the required and complementary credits in Economics, and a CGPA of 3.00. For a First Class Honours degree, the minimum requirements are normally a 3.50 program GPA in the required and complementary credits in Economics, and a CGPA of 3.50.

Required Math Prerequisites

All Honours students must complete three Math prerequisites. A sequence of two Calculus courses with a grade of C or higher should be completed prior to entering the Honours program. Prior to their U2 year, students should complete MATH 133. These requirements can be met by having passed equivalent courses at CEGEP or elsewhere. Honours students are encouraged, but not required, to take MATH 222 Calculus 3.

* Note: Students without high school Calculus take MATH 139; those with high school Calculus take MATH 140.

MATH 133 (3) Linear Algebra and Geometry
MATH 139* (4) Calculus 1 with Precalculus
MATH 140* (3) Calculus 1
MATH 141 (4) Calculus 2

Required Courses (27 credits)

Please refer to the Department's document "Rules on Stats Courses for Economics Students" available at: /economics/undergraduates/courses/.

Students who have taken an equivalent statistics course prior to entering the program may be waived from the ECON 257D1/ECON 257D2 requirement. These students will normally be required to take ECON 469 in addition to ECON 468.

Normally, ECON 250D1/ECON 250D2 is taken in the U1 year, ECON 352D1/ECON 352D2 in U2, and ECON 450D1/ ECON 450D2 in U3. ECON 257D1/ECON 257D2 can be taken in U1 or U2; and ECON 468 can be taken in U2 or U3.

ECON 250D1 (3) Introduction to Economic Theory: Honours
ECON 250D2 (3) Introduction to Economic Theory: Honours
ECON 257D1 (3) Economic Statistics - Honours
ECON 257D2 (3) Economic Statistics - Honours
ECON 352D1 (3) Macroeconomics - Honours
ECON 352D2 (3) Macroeconomics - Honours
ECON 450D1 (3) Advanced Economic Theory - Honours
ECON 450D2 (3) Advanced Economic Theory - Honours
ECON 468 (3) Econometrics 1 - Honours

Complementary Courses (15 credits)

Complementary courses are usually taken in U2 or U3.

3 credits from:

ECON 460 (3) History of Thought 1 - Honours
ECON 461 (3) History of Thought 2 - Honours
ECON 469 (3) Econometrics 2 - Honours

12 credits of Economics courses at the 300, 400, or 500 level, approved by an Honours adviser. Normally at least 9 of the 12 will be at the 400 or 500 level. (Note: Honours students are not permitted to register for general Economics courses where an Honours course in the same field is offered.)

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