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McGill Staff as Graduate Students

Revision, December 2012. Start of revision.

Members of the teaching staff of the University up to and including the rank of lecturer may enrol as candidates for a degree, diploma or certificate. If their teaching duties are designated as full-time, they may only enrol as half-time students.

Professorial members of the academic staff may not enrol in graduate degree and diploma programs. This rule shall apply also to any persons who have been on the professorial staff within the previous 12 months, unless they resign completely from their positions at McGill.

Should persons registered in graduate studies be promoted to professorial rank, they may no longer remain graduate students, unless they resign or are granted a leave of absence from their professorial appointments.

In certain exceptional cases, professorial members of the academic staff may apply toa graduate program in academic units other than their own. Enrolment Services may grant permission if it is satisfied that the applicant's teaching unit and proposed unit for graduate study are sufficiently remote that conflict of interest situations will not arise. Permission must be granted before any courses are taken toward the proposed degree.

Revision, December 2012. End of revision.

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