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East Asian Studies Faculty

Professor Robin D.S. Yates
Director of Graduate Program
Kenneth Dean; B.A.(Brown), M.A., Ph.D.(Stan.)
Grace S. Fong; B.A., M.A.(Tor.), Ph.D.(Br. Col.)
Thomas LaMarre; B.A.(G'town), M.A., Ph.D.(Chic.), D.Sc.(Aix-Marseille II)
Robin D.S. Yates; B.A., M.A.(Oxf.), M.A.(Calif.), Ph.D.(Harv.) (joint appt. with History)
Assistant Professors
Gwen Bennett; B.A.(N'western), M.A., Ph.D.(Calif.-LA) (joint appt. with Anthropology)
Victor Fan; B.M.(Roch.), M.F.A.(USC), Ph.D.(Yale)
Yuriko Furuhata; B.A.(Int'l. Christian), M.A.(N. Mexico), Ph.D.(Brown)
Adrienne Hurley; B.A.(Col.), M.A.(Mich.), Ph.D.(Calif.)
Faculty Lecturers
Jennie Chang, Myung Hee Kim, Miwako Uesaka, Bill Wang
Associate Members
Lara Braitstein (Religious Studies)
Christopher Green (Economics)
G. Victor Hori (Religious Studies)
Sandra Teresa Hyde (Anthropology)
Erik Kuhonta (Political Science)
John Kurien (Economics)
Catherine Lu (Political Science)
Lorenz Lüthi (History)
Johanna Ransmeier (History)
Junko Shimoyama (Linguistics)
Sarah Turner (Geography)
Juan Wang (Political Science)
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