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The M.Eng. Thesis program must be completed on a full-time basis in three years. The following requirements must be met:

Thesis Courses (28 credits)

ECSE 691 (4) Thesis Research 1
ECSE 692 (4) Thesis Research 2
ECSE 693 (4) Thesis Research 3
ECSE 694 (4) Thesis Research 4
ECSE 695 (4) Thesis Research 5
ECSE 696 (4) Thesis Research 6
ECSE 697 (4) Thesis Research 7

Students who choose the thesis option must register for all 28 credits during the three terms of residency.

Complementary Courses

(18 credits minimum)

At least six 500-, 600-, or 700-level courses, normally with a minimum of four ECSE 500- or 600-level courses.*

* Under special circumstances, and subject to Departmental approval, students may be allowed to take more than two non-Departmental courses; a letter of recommendation from their supervisor outlining the reason for such an action is required.

Under no circumstances will more than three non-Departmental courses be permitted.

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