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Course Information and Regulations: Class Schedule

Revision, July 2012. Start of revision.

Class Schedule for the upcoming Fall and Winter terms normally becomes available in March prior to the opening of advising. The Summer term schedule is normally published in early February. Class Schedule includes the days and times when courses are offered, class locations, names of instructors, and related information. You can also access the details of scheduled courses by clicking the course reference number (CRN) that appears with each course section shown in Class Schedule.

You should make a note of any preregistration requirements for a course, such as placement tests or departmental approval/permission required.

Class Schedule information is subject to change and is updated as courses are added, cancelled, rescheduled, or relocated. It is your responsibility to consult Class Schedule at the time of registration, and again before classes begin, to ensure that changes have not caused conflicts in your schedule.

Once you have selected some courses from the Class Schedule, try Visual Schedule Builder (VSB) to view your possible class schedules in an easy-to-read weekly schedule format. Please note that you cannot use Visual Schedule Builder to register but you can copy your choice of course reference numbers (CRNs) from VSB to have handy for registration in Minerva.

Revision, July 2012. End of revision.

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