Music Entrance Requirements

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Music Entrance Requirements

The minimum music entrance requirements are the equivalent of McGill Conservatory Collegial I Instrument or Voice (Performance applicants: Collegial II) and Secondary V Theory and Ear Training.

Approximate Equivalents to Entrance Requirements in Practical Subjects (McGill Conservatory Collegial I – Instrument/Voice)
Toronto Conservatory Grade 9
Western Board Grade 9
Mount Allison Grade 9
Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music Grade 7

The above listing is intended only as a general guide. Admissibility to any program is determined by audition and academic record. Students wishing to major in Performance should be approximately two years more advanced, and be able to demonstrate potential as performers at their audition.

All applicants in female voice and in all jazz instruments will be required to submit screening material (CD, video, etc.) for preselection by January 15. Following a review of these recordings, selected applicants will be invited to attend a live audition. No live audition will be scheduled in female voice or in any jazz instrument until recordings have been received and reviewed. All applicants must perform an audition of approximately 15 minutes' duration. The student should choose material that will represent different musical periods and reveal musicianship and technical proficiency to best advantage. Applicants for the Artist Diploma program must prepare an audition of recital material lasting approximately 60 minutes.

Consult the Music Admissions website at for specific information on entrance audition requirements and dates.

Recorded auditions (compact disc and/or video) are acceptable when distance prevents an applicant from attending an audition in person.

Applicants for Composition are asked to submit two or three samples of their written work.

Music Education applicants are asked to outline reasons for wishing to enter the Music Education field in their statement of intent and have a letter of reference sent from someone attesting to his or her suitability for teaching.

All screening and audition recordings and composition samples should be submitted directly to the Schulich School of Music of McGill University: 555 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec, H3A 1E3.

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