Academic Advising

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Academic Advising

If you are entering the Desautels Faculty of Management for the first time, you are required to attend an Orientation and Advising Session during the last week of August, at which time the staff from the BCom Student Affairs Office provide information on all aspects of the BCom program. If you have had difficulty registering for your courses, you will have the opportunity to resolve your problems after this session. For a detailed description of advising and registration procedures, you should refer to Registration; the website for newly admitted undergraduate students at; as well as the BCom website at

Academic advising for all returning students takes place in February and March for the upcoming academic year. “Drop-in" advising is available in the BCom Student Affairs Office from mid-August until the end of the add/drop period in the Fall term, and from the beginning of January until the end of the add/drop period in the Winter term. Appointments to discuss programs of study with student advisers may be made as soon as the add/drop period ends in September and then again in January, respectively. In February or March, an Information Session takes place that helps you to select a course of study for specialization. In April, as a student continuing in the BCom program, you will plan your studies for the following year using the requirements as listed in the Calendar, or in the Degree Evaluation Module available through Minerva, as a guide to your course selection. Advice is available at the BCom Student Affairs Office for students if you are having difficulty. Students register online using Minerva at

If you are a General Management student choosing to do a minor in another faculty as your second area of study, you should meet with the appropriate department adviser to plan your courses. It should be noted that minors must have a minimum of 18 credits not overlapping with other program requirements.

If you are taking the Minor, Major, or Honours in Economics, you must see an adviser in the BCom Student Affairs Office for approval of your program and course selection.

If you are in the Major concentration or Minor in Mathematics, or Statistics, you must have your program of study initially authorized by the appropriate department adviser prior to consulting with a student adviser in the BCom Student Affairs Office.

You should contact a student adviser as soon as possible if you are encountering difficulties (academic or personal) or are requesting specific information about the BCom program.

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