Master of Arts (M.A.); Anthropology (Non-Thesis) (45 credits)

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Offered by: Anthropology     Degree: Master of Arts

Program Requirements

(Not offered in 2012-2013.)
The Master's degree with research paper is a 45-credit program: five courses (15 credits), a Proseminar (6 credits), and the research paper (24 credits).
The student's program of work is developed in consultation with the student's supervisor and the two other members of his or her advisory committee. It consists of: five courses (seminars or tutorials), only one of which is optional, a research paper proposal, and the research paper. They must also attend the Proseminar. The research paper will normally be based on library research, but can involve limited and preferably local fieldwork. The research paper should demonstrate the student's ability to define a problem, place it in a theoretical and factual context, collect and analyze data, and write up a report.

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