MUIN 230 Performance Practical Instruction 3 (4 credits)

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Offered by: Performance (Schulich School of Music)


Practical Instrument

Terms: Fall 2012

Instructors: David Grott, Greg Clayton, Chester Doxas, Jan Krejcar, Andre J Roy, Elizabeth Dolin, Matt Haimovitz, Trevor Dix, James Box, Denys Derome, Kyoko Hashimoto, Marina Mdivani, Remi Bolduc, Ranee Y Lee, John Roney, Stephen Algie, Joanne Kolomyjec, Winston Purdy, Therese Boudreault-Sevadjian, Cindy Shuter, Denise Lupien, Russell Devuyst, Stephane Levesque, Jennifer Swartz, Yegor Dyachkov, Alexander David Johnson, Joseph Leo Sullivan, Fraser Hollins, Yai-Yun Huang, Fabrice Marandola, Jan Jarczyk, Sanford Sylvan, Mark Fewer, Francisco J Lozano, Matthias Maute, Theodore Baskin, Kenneth Bibace, Andre White (Fall)