MECH 544 Processing of Composite Materials (3 credits)

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Offered by: Mechanical Engineering (Faculty of Engineering)


Mechanical Engineering : Composite processing science basic principles. Reinforcement properties; permeability, compaction. Resin properties; curing, viscosity, shrinkage. Heat transfer and cure kinetics; cure cycle optimization. Resin flow; infusion, thickness variations, fiber volume fraction distribution. Residual stresses; tool-part interaction, warpage control, spring-back, tool design. Thermoplastic composites; crystallization control, melting and consolidation.

Terms: Fall 2012

Instructors: Pascal Hubert (Fall)

  • (3-0-6)

  • Prerequisite: MECH 530 or permission of instructor.

  • Restriction: This course requires the use of a finite element software, so experience with finite elements is recommended.