EDPC 609 Psychological Testing 1 (3 credits)

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Offered by: Educational&Counselling Psych (Faculty of Education)

Administered by: Graduate Studies


Ed Psych & Couns (Counselling) : History of psychological testing, theoretical aspects of individual and group testing, validity, reliability, and test construction, basic theories of intelligence, and ethical and legal issues in testing. An introduction to tests of cognitive abilities, aptitude, personality, and interests, including the acquisition of basic skills needed to administer and interpret individual tests of cognitive abilities. Students taking courses which access the ECP Assessment Materials Resource Centre are required to pay an access fee as well as the cost of all consumables required per course. The fee is dependent on the number of consumables/protocols used in each class and is refundable during the withdrawal with full refund period.

Terms: Fall 2012, Winter 2013

Instructors: Ronald William Stringer (Fall) Annett Korner (Winter)

  • Prerequisite: Undergraduate-level course in psychological measurement and assessment