CCOM 206 Communication in Engineering (3 credits)

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Offered by: McGill Writing Centre (School of Continuing Studies)


Communication (CCE) : Written and oral communication in Engineering (in English): strategies for generating, developing, organizing, and presenting ideas in a technical setting; problem-solving; communicating to different audiences; editing and revising; and public speaking. Course work based on academic, technical, and professional writing in engineering.

Terms: Fall 2012, Winter 2013, Summer 2013

Instructors: Andrew Churchill, Robert J Myles, Bassel Atallah, Steven Sacks, Diane Dechief, Alana Baskind, Noreen Jane Bider, Marianne Filion (Fall) Diane Dechief, Robert J Myles, Marianne Filion, Alana Baskind, Andrew Churchill, Steven Sacks (Winter) Marianne Filion, Robert J Myles, Diane Dechief, Andrew Churchill, Bassel Atallah (Summer)

  • Limited enrolment.

  • Restriction: B.Eng. students who have not taken EDES 201 or EDEC 202.

  • Because this course uses a workshop format, attendance at first class is desirable.

  • Open only to students in degree programs.