BIOL 334D1 Applied Tropical Ecology (1.5 credits)

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Offered by: Biologie (Sciences)

Vue d'ensemble

Biologie (Sci) : Relevant to agriculture, forestry, fisheries and conservation of natural resources. Field component taught at the University's Bellairs Research Institute in Barbados, for two weeks in early May. The course is organized in a series of small-group field projects of 2-3 days each. Interested students should check the course website, attend the full information session and fill out an application form.

Terms: Hiver 2011

Instructors: Frederic Guichard, Neil Price (Winter)

  • Winter, Summer
  • Prerequisites: BIOL 206; and BIOL 215 or both ENVR 200 and ENVR 202; and permission of the instructor.
  • Students must register for both BIOL 334D1 and BIOL 334D2.
  • No credit will be given for this course unless both BIOL 334D1 and BIOL 334D2 are successfully completed in consecutive terms
  • BIOL 334D1 and BIOL 334D2 together are equivalent to BIOL 334