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Our Strategic Plan

It is with pride and enthusiasm that I present to you the McGill University Student Services' vision statements. It is clear that the fulfilment of our potential, both personal and organizational, lies in the collaborative efforts of the Student Services team.

There are a variety of leadership styles within our group. The most rewarding and successful approach to our future is through a commitment to 'shared leadership', allowing us to draw on the strengths of individuals within our team. It is my commitment to provide guidance and motivation as we achieve our shared vision and accomplish our common goals. I look forward to your engagement, feedback and encouragement as we advance together.

Jana L. Luker
Executive Director, Services for Students


The McGill University Student Services Strategic Plan reflects a commitment to define the direction of the Services' future course. The Strategic Plan answers key questions within this envisioned pathway: what objectives do we set, and which Core Values do we use when we define and achieve our goals? 

The McGill University Mission Statement affirms that both graduate and undergraduate students will be provided with "the best education available".[1] Towards this goal of providing an excellent education in a student-centred environment, [2] Student Services is actively engaged in "promoting student success and supporting student wellbeing... with an increased sense of the value and importance this mission holds for the enhancement of all aspects of student life and learning at McGill University".[3]  

At a retreat held November 21, 2008, the Directors in Student Services developed and pledged their commitment to a series of Core Values that are central to the realization of our mandate.

[1] McGill University Mission Statement
[2] The Principal's Task-Force on Student Life and Learning [.pdf].
[3] Student Services' Mission Statement

Student Services' Objectives for 2014-15


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