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A Message from the Executive Director, Services for Students

On behalf of all Student Services staff, welcome back or anew to McGill.

McGill's Student Services function as a number of coordinated units, each dedicated to student success and well-being, and each working together to ensure that you feel supported in your academic and personal development throughout your time at McGill. Your Student Services fee* helps fund a wide range of high quality services and programming, available in varying degrees to undergraduate students, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows; we urge you to take full advantage of them.

As the Executive Director (Interim) of Services for Students, I report to the Deputy Provost, Student Life and Learning, helping to ensure that your interests are represented at McGill's highest levels of administration and governance. Above all, I work closely with your student representatives to ensure that our services are relevant and reliable –that they continue to answer to the diversity of our students’ needs.

I also understand, as we all do at Student Services, that there is room for improvement. We continue to face environmental and structural challenges to the realization of our collective mission. A recent cyclical review, carried out by an External Review Committee through the Cyclical Unit Review Office (CURO), has helped us better define these challenges. The Review Committee report presented 13 recommendations for the betterment of Student Services. You can read our full response to the review and see every recommendation here.  At the heart of our response is the realization that Student Services needs to make strategic, student-centred changes to its organization, reimagining how its services are offered and communicated, and better collaborating –across its own units, across other University units and faculties, with and across the diversity of our student body –in order to foster a fulfilling and healthy working and learning environment.

Following from this realization, Student Services is actively developing new and exciting initiatives across campuses. A new Health and Wellness strategy, along with plans for improved and interconnected access to related services, is in the works. We need and welcome your input, comments, criticisms, and questions about this and anything else. Feel free to get in touch with us to share any of your ideas for how to make McGill a healthier learning environment and your McGill experience the best one possible. Contact us by student [dot] services [at] mcgill [dot] ca (email) or by phone at either the downtown campus (514-398-8238) or the Macdonald campus (514-398-7992).

We are here for you, and we look forward to meeting and working with you.

Robyn Wiltshire
Executive Director (Interim), Services for Students

*The Student Services fee is automatically charged to the student fee account of undergraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows every fall and winter term. Certain other categories of students may opt to pay a fee to use the services.