Assessment and Review


Student Services regularly assesses its programming and units through the Student Assessment unit. This unit provides leadership, support, and technical expertise for program-level evaluation, student event participation tracking, co-curricular records, and outcomes assessment to improve student engagement. The unit also offers McGill students opportunities to share their opinions and experiences about Student Services and McGill.  Since 2010, Student Assessment has promoted evidence-based service and program improvement through the use of surveys, interviews, focus groups, and consultations.

Student Assesment oversees:

  • Program specific assessment benchmarking opportunities, including the Multi-Institutional Study of Leadership, Mental Health and Counselling Study, and the Annual and strategic planning
  • Presentations at advisory boards, working groups, and awareness weeks
  • Implementation and maintenance of McGill’s online student involvement platform
    • myInvolvement is a web-based tool that showcases workshops, events and volunteer opportunities to current McGill students, helps student track their participation in out-of-classroom activities, and provides students with an attestation of their involvement (or co-curricular record of involvement)

You can learn more about Student Services Assessment projects here.


The University periodically reviews both its academic administrative and service units, alongside the reviews of its academic teaching units. Student Services recently underwent a cyclical review by an External Review Committee through the Cyclical Unit Review Office (CURO). The Review Committee report presented 13 recommendations for the betterment of Student Services. You can read our full response to the review and see every recommendation here.  At the heart of our response is the realization that Student Services needs to make strategic, student-centred changes to its organization, reimagining how its services are offered and communicated, and better collaborating –across its own units, across other University units and faculties, with and across the diversity of our student body –in order to foster a fulfilling and healthy working and learning environment.

Following from this realization, Student Services is actively developing new and exciting initiatives across campuses. A new Health and Wellness Strategy, along with plans for improved, interconnected access to related services, is in the works. We need and welcome your input, comments, criticisms, and questions about this and anything else. You can help shape our Health and Wellness strategy by filling out a short survey. Alternately, feel free to get in touch with us to share any of your ideas for how to make McGill a healthier learning environment and your McGill experience the best one possible. Contact us by [at] (email) or by phone at either 514-398-8238 (Downtown) or 514-398-7992 (Macdonald).