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Planning for a Remote Fall Semester - Survey Results

From June 25 to July 11, 2020, Student Services surveyed new and returning degree-seeking students about their needs and preferences for the remote Fall 2020 semester. Specifically, the five key objectives of this survey were to determine:

  1. Key information about students’ living situations;
  2. Access to technological tools;
  3. Access to academic supports;
  4. Student needs and wellbeing; and
  5. Methods for creating connections and community during a COVID-19 reality.

The survey was circulated to 31,500 students and had a 30% response rate. Results have and will continue to be used by services and Faculties to provide you, McGill students, with programs and services that meet your needs.

What did we learn?

We created two infographics to highlight the key messages from the survey results. You can view them below or click here for PDF versions: 

Undergraduate Results

Graduate Results

Undergraduate Results

Graduate Results

Questions about this survey can be sent to %20lina.digenova [at] (subject: I%20have%20a%20question!%20Planning%20for%20a%20Remote%20Fall%20Semester%20Survey) (Dr. Lina Di Genova), Director of Evaluation and Strategy , Student Services and %20natalie.phillips [at] (subject: I%20have%20a%20questions!%20Planning%20for%20a%20Remote%20Fall%202020%20Semester%20Survey) (Natalie Phillips-Elgar), Planning Analyst, Analysis, Planning & Budget.

Note: The following students groups were excluded from this survey population:

  • students who are on a leave of absence, an exchange at another university, etc.;
  • students in diploma and certificate programs
  • residents and fellows.
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