Checking-In Student Survey Results

In October, McGill Student Services launched a survey to check in on you and how your fall semester was going. Results of the survey are being used to provide and adapt supports based on your location, learning and student life experiences.

The survey was open from October 6th to 18th, 2020, and the overall response rate was 28% (or 9,900 students out of 36,500 eligible to participate).

What did we learn?

We created two infographics to highlight the key messages from the survey results. You can view them below or click here for PDF versions (with clickable links): 

Undergraduate Results

Graduate Results

Undergraduate Results

Undergraduate Resources: Well-being | Career | Campus Involvement | Off-Campus Involvement | Sports & Athletics

Graduate Students

Graduate Resources: Well-being | Career | Campus Involvement | Identity-Based Communities

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