Directory of Disciplinary Officers

The Role of Disciplinary Officers

The duties and responsibilities of Disciplinary Officers are defined by the Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures (the “Code”) in the Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities. The Dean of each Faculty, of the Libraries and of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies,the Executive Director of Athletics and Recreation and the Directors of the residences are officially appointed as Disciplinary Officers. The Faculty Deans routinely deputize one or more members of their staff to act as Disciplinary Officers. The Disciplinary Officer’s job can be challenging since each student’s situation is unique and must be treated as such. Regular meetings of all the Disciplinary Officers help ensure that there is a common understanding of how the Code should be interpreted and what constitute appropriate sanctions. The Office of the Dean of Students serves as a resource to students and to Disciplinary Officers regarding matters related to the Code.

Academic Units

Faculty/Area Name Phone
Agr. & Env. Sciences jim.fyles [at] (Jim Fyles ) 514-398-7711
Arts lucy.lach [at] (Lucyna Lach) 514-398-4206
Continuing Studies jak.archibald [at] (James Archibald) 514-398-8225
Dentistry jocelyne.feine [at] (Jocelyne Feine) 514-398-7203
Education fiona.j.benson [at] (Fiona Benson) 514-398-7039
Engineering CONTACT: david.frost [at] (David Frost ) 514-398-7258
  Dennis Giannacopoulos  
  Frank Ferrie  
  Srikar Vengallatore   
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies jean-jacques.lebrun [at] (Jean-Jacques Lebrun) 514-398-1224
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies robin.beech [at] (Robin Beech) 514-398-1224
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies patricia.kirkpatrick [at] (Patricia Kirkpatrick) 514-398-1224
Law (Undergraduate) vrinda.narain [at] (Vrinda Narain ) 514-398-4927
Libraries carole.urbain [at] (Carole Urbain) 514-398-5725
Management larry.goldsman1 [at] (Larry Goldsman) 514-398-1262
Medicine [at] (Beth-Ann Cummings) 514-398-3519
  armand.aalamian [at] (Armand Aalamian) 514-398-1458
Music jacqueline.leclair [at] (Jacqueline Leclair) 514-398-1882
Nursing anita.gagnon [at] (Anita Gagnon)  514-398-4145
Physical & Occupational Therapy annette.majnemer [at] (L)laurie.snider [at] (aurie Snider) 514-398-5863

CONTACT: nicole.allard [at] (Nicole Allard)

pete.barry [at] (Peter Barry)




Athletics         Name                       Phone
  philip.quintal [at] (Philip Quintal) 514-398-7011


Residence Name Phone
All Residences Cora-lee.conway [at] (R)ria.rombough [at] (ia Rombough) 514-398-3408

Douglas Hall
Royal Victoria College

Erin.schwabe-fry [at] (C)cora-lee.conway [at] (ora-Lee Conway) 514-398-2450
New Residence Hall  samantha.goldberg [at] (L)luke.walker [at] (uke Walker) 514-398-2450

Gardner Hall
Molson Hall
McConnell Hall 

emily.clare [at] (L)laura.glover [at] (aura Glover ) 514-398-2450
Carrefour Sherbrooke
La Citadelle
kayin.queeley [at] (Kayin Queely) 514-398-2450
Solin Hall avik.ghoshdastidar [at] (Jim Ghoshdastidar) 514-398-2450