Student rights and responsibilities

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Student Rights and Responsibilities Inside and Outside the Classroom

McGill places a great deal of importance on honest work, the art of scholarship, and the fair treatment of all members of the University community. This website provides students and teaching staff with a solid understanding of their personal and academic rights and responsibilities, guidelines for doing honest work and detailed information about both the disciplinary process and the dispute resolution process at McGill. 

A solid understanding of your rights and responsibilities can keep you out of trouble and ensure that all your dealings with McGill faculty, staff and students are fair and respectful.

If you have questions about your personal or academic rights or responsibilities and can't find an answer on this site, feel free to contact the Office of the Dean of Students with your inquiry.

Please note that this website is intended as an informal, unofficial guide to students' rights and responsibilities. For a list of University Policies and Regulations, click here

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