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International Travel Registry

Mandatory orientation and registration

McGill's International Mobility Guidelines require students participating in a University-related international activity (i.e. course work, exchange programs, field work or research, whether for credit or not) to register their travel on Minerva. Once your international activity has been approved by your academic unit or research supervisor, a travel registry form will be created on Minerva. You can find your travel registry on Minerva or check with your Departmental or Faculty Student Affairs office for details.

All students are required to attend Pre-Departure Orientation, with the exception of students participating in international conferences or organized workshops in a country or region in which no Government of Canada travel advisory exists.

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Travel Advisories

McGill encourages students to include an international educational experience as part of their studies. However, the University will not approve student travel to all countries or regions of countries, as the safety of students is of primary importance.

In planning a University-related international travel activity, staff members and students are to consider the nature of the activity, the associated risks, and the location, specifically consulting travel reports issued by the Government of Canada. A travel advisory is official advice concerning travel to a country or specific regions of a country, based on an overall assessment of the security risk and expressed in terms of the following four risk levels:

  • Exercise normal security precautions
  • Exercise high degree of caution
  • Avoid non-essential travel
  • Avoid all travel

Therefore, "Avoid non-essential travel"  and "Avoid all travel" constitute official Government of Canda travel advisories. University-related activities in locations for which the Government of Canada has issued these advisories will not be approved, and will not be given credit or recognition. Students seeking an exemption should consult their academic advisor.

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Country Travel Advice and Advisories

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