Fight the Power

Fight the Power (FTP) is an annual inter-residence competition to encourage energy conservation in residence. Organized by SHHS Facilities and the Environment Residence Council, this competition encourages students to be more conscious of their daily energy usage and their overall ecological footprint.

The energy-saving competition uses McGill’s Pulse Energy Dashboard to collect consumption data for each building. Using historical data on energy consumption and weather conditions, a baseline consumption function is established for each building to compute the savings made by students. The residence buildings are ranked on the percentage of energy savings achieved during the competition period.

The winning residence is granted $1 000 from Utilities and Energy Management that will go towards implementing a sustainability project proposed by the residence’s VP Environment and approved by the Hall Council. Each VP Environment is encouraged to propose an innovative and feasible sustainability project tailored to their residence building, which is considered for implementation by SHHS Facilities even if the associated residence did not win the FTP. In this way, we hope to foster a culture of student-led sustainability in our residences.


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