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Size and cost

In the Province of Quebec, the size of an apartment is described according to the total number of rooms rather than the number of bedrooms. While the number of bedrooms is usually indicated in the advertisement, we provide a rough guide below. The "½" room is generally the bathroom.

Size Description Price (approximate)
"Roommate wanted " Usually a student who already has an apartment and is looking to fill up an empty room. $400 and up
"Room" A room in someone's home or apartment or dormitory style. Often room comes furnished with acess to common areas. Meals are occasionally included, but more often kitchen privileges are offered. $400 & up
Bachelor or studio apartment. Contains one large room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. $500 & up
Usually a small one-bedroom apartment. Contains a closed bedroom, a bathroom, and a living-room with a kitchenette OR (less often) a living/bedroom with full, closed kitchen and bathroom. $600& up
One-bedroom apartment: contains a closed bedroom, living-room and full kitchen. $700 & up
Two-bedroom apartment OR one bedroom with dining room. $800 & up
Three-bedrooms OR two bedrooms plus a living room, dining room and kitchen. $1000 & up
6½ & up Three or four bedrooms and up (be sure to ask the owner how many closed bedrooms there are). $1300 & up



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